Villas Security


Securing Villas and Estates:
Villas and Estates are, by nature, places that attract thieves. The fact that it is a large complex and has a few valuable objects makes it an attractive target for burglars. ILANG GUARD’s method gives the owner a sense of safety and detect intruders before they reach the gate. ILANG GUARD’s proactive and preventitive method uses analytical camera that can detect burglars even before they approach the site. ILANG GUARD detects people loitering in the street watching the site. The goal is to provide the customer with information and to deter as soon as possible, in order to give the owner piece of mind.

ILAND GUARD takes a proactive and preventive approach. Our skilled team monitors the outdoor and indoor areas of your home to prevent events before they even occur. We do not wait for alarms. We watch and identify the thief at a preliminary stage in which they plan their path of intrusion and we immediately act to prevent the incident. Our trained observers use the public address system and chase away the intruders. This widely used security method is based on one warning factor, that is, the sensor that will trigger an alarm that some event occured. Using one security method is not reliable enough to protect a home, and in practice, in most cases, this security method fails to prevent the break-ins.

The ILAND GUARD security concept is innovative, based on four different security methods that operate simultaneously for each site.
1. Live human observation of the main internal and external cameras of the site.
2. Connecting the cameras to AI-based analytical monitoring, for automatic notification of a person or vehicle in the camera’s scanning area.
3. Receipt of a warning from the alarm sensors.
4. Employing measures to block the thieves, such as public address systems, smoke, as well as the operation of rapid patrol and policing forces.

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