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Securing Cities Neighborhoods

Securing Cities and Neighborhoods
Protecting a populated area is a complex and important task since it is a large public area where anyone can walk freely. In these areas, there is a lot of movement, and the task of distinguishing between an enemy and a friend is not simple at all and requires great skill, professionalism, and patience.

The ILAND GUARD Communities Unit provides service to towns and municipalities. The team of control room observers is dedicated and skilled in identifying unusual events. The control room observers pay great attention and closely monitor and identify various patterns of the suspects, detect criminal activity, raise alerts in real-time and direct forces to provide a complete snapshot of the situation including photos and videos of the suspects and thus prevent events and raise the residents’ feeling of security.

ILAND GUARD develops and uses some of the most advanced AI-based analytics software in the world and this software helps us track and detect suspicious activity in the public sphere.

Supervision of Public Parks
ILAND GUARD’s team of observers watches public parks in order to prevent violence, vandalism, sexual abuse, as well as to observe littering and throwing garbage in the public areas.
ILAND GUARD is in constant online contact with the relevant parties on whatsapp, as well as on the company’s app, and immediately reports, with photos and videos, anything unusual, thus creating a safe and good routine while deterring criminals.

Perimenter Protection of the Community Security Fence
Each Observation Room staff provides personal attention to a limited number of screens. The cameras are switched for visual examination according to the emphasis needed for each with strict protection against intrusion into the communities. In addition to human viewing, ILAND GUARD uses technology that is at the forefront of AI and advanced analytics to help detect unusual events and infiltrators.

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