Factory Security

  • הקונספט הייחודי והמשולב של איילנד גארד תפיסת האבטחה של איילנד גארד הינה הרמטית מבוססת על 4 מעגלי אבטחה שונים הפועלים בו זמנית לכל אתר 1.תצפית אנושית חייה של המצלמות החיצוניות והפנימיות המרכזיות באתר

    2.חיבור המצלמות לניטור אנליטי מבוסס בינה מלאכותית לקבלת התראה אוטומטית על אדם או רכב בשטח המצלמה

    3.קבלת התראה מחיישני האזעקה

    4.הפעלת אמצעים לחסימת הגנבים כגון כריזה,מערפלי עשן וכן הפעלת כוחות סיור ושיטור מהירים

Securing plants:

Many factories operate using a security command center method based solely on alarms or one that opens the cameras after receiving an alert from the alarm system and is secured with physical guards in the field. Often, this guard does not do their job properly as they are located in one place and are unable to see the whole site. Usually, they are busy looking at their cellphone and do not look at the cameras.
The guard can be bribed, fall asleep, and can be neutralized by the intruders.
The ILAND GUARD Monitoring Center has skilled and alert workers who observe the site from all camera directions, and do not take their eyes off the screen.
Backed up by some of the most advanced AI-based analytical software in the world that alerts ILAND GUARD to every movement in the camera’s scanning area.
The moment an anomaly is identified, we rapidly act to prevent an event before any damage is done! We call out to the intruder to leave the site and immediately alert patrol and police forces.

ILAND GUARD’s Observation Center as Compared with other Security Senters
Traditional security systems are “reactive”, and are suitable mainly for the internal spaces of the guarded area and wait for an intruder to activate some sensor in the alarm system. The alarm alerts the command center only after the intruders have already been onsite and caused damage. ILAND GUARD takes a proactive and preventive approach. Our skilled team monitors the external and internal areas of your business to prevent events even before they occur. We don’t wait for alarms. We watch and identify the thief at a preliminary stage where they plan their path of intrusion. We immediately act to prevent the incident. Our trained lookouts use the public address system to chase away the intruders. This widely-used security method is based on one warning factor, that is, the sensor that will trigger an alarm that an event occurred. Using one security method is not reliable enough to protect a business, and in practice, in most cases, this security method fails to prevent the break-ins.

In addition, most centers that operate using this method assign thousands of sites to one command center operator, creating congestion, and flooding of false alarms due to faulty sensors and animals that trigger the alerts. Indifference to the alerts due to a large number of false alerts, lack of personal familiarity with the customer, and lengthy and costly response time before someone arrives to address the entire list of events opened in the system causes a lower level of security for your business.

Fires and Leaks in the Plant
ILAND GUARD’s service helps prevent fires, flooding, and damage. Identifying a fire at an early stage can make the difference between a minor and a major event. ILAND GUARD has saved a large number of industrial plants from fire, thanks to the detection at an early stage by our observation room staff. Once an observer detects the beginning of a water leak inside the factory, the customer receives an immediate notification so that the relevant security bodies are called and rushed to the scene, and the damage is avoided.

Worker Safety
Safety violations at plants are liable to result in the injury or death of one of the workers, resulting in great financial damage, and sometimes even closing the site for an extended period of time.
ILAND GUARD’s observers will help you monitor, as well as track on-site safety conduct minute by minute, 24/7, in order to identify employees who do not adhere to safety rules. Such as, working at heights without a harness, working without Personal Protective Equipment, using disc cutters without safety glasses, and other safety violations.

A real-time alert to an employee who does not follow the procedures, including sending a video to the site manager, will make the company’s employees realize that the place is strictly supervised and will raise the deterrence level.
This will prevent safety violations and work accidents.

Real-time identification of an event and summoning forces can prevent disaster, save lives, and save enormous damage to the company.

ILAND GUARD’s unique integrated security concept
The ILAND GUARD’s security concept is innovative, based on four different security methods that operate simultaneously at each site:
1. Live human observation of the main internal and external cameras of the site
2. Connecting the cameras to AI-based analytical monitoring for automatic notification of a person or vehicle entering the camera’s scan field
3. Receipt of warnings from the alarm sensors
4. Employing measures to block the intruders, such as use of the public address systems, fogs, as well as the operation of rapid patrol and police forces.

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