Security Malls and Industrial Areas

Malls and Industrial Areas: 

Protecting a public area is a complex and important task since it is a large area where anyone can walk freely. In these areas, there is a lot of movement, and the task of distinguishing between an enemy and a friend is not simple at all and requires great skill, professionalism, and patience.

The ILAND GUARD Observation Center provides service for shopping centers, as well as industrial areas. ILAND GUARD’s observation team is dedicated and skilled in identifying unusual events. The observers, who have great concentration and attention, know how to closely monitor and identify various patterns of activity of suspects and detect criminal activity, raise alerts in real-time and direct forces to provide a complete snapshot including photos and videos of the suspects thus preventing events, and raising the level of security.

ILAND GUARD develops and uses some of the most advanced AI-based analytics software in the world and this software helps track and detect suspicious activity in public areas.

Fires and Leaks in the Complex

ILAND GUARD helps prevent fires, flooding, and other damage. Identifying a fire at an early stage can make the difference between a minor event and a large fire. ILAND GUARD has saved a large number of sites from fire, thanks to the early detection by the monitoring room observers. Once an observer detects the beginning of a water leak inside the factory, the customer receives an immediate notification so that the damage that could be caused to the equipment and goods is immediately avoided which reduces the damage caused to the business.