Farmers and Farms


בקרה כללית לצרכי חקלאות

  • זיהוי תחילת המלטה ודיווח לבעלים
  • בקרה על בריכות דגים הכולל דיווח והרחקה של ציפורים או כניסת אנשים לא מורשים למים
  • בקרה כללית על השטח לזיהוי הצפות ונזקים


Farmer and Farm Security

Agricultural crime is a problem that troubles farmers all over the world at any given time but does not always make the headlines. Although no night passes without an attempted break-in or theft of equipment. We provide perimeter security from our command center with camera observers who are trained in agricultural crime.

ILAND GUARD takes a proactive and preventive approach. Our skilled team monitors the outer and inner areas of your business to prevent events before they even occur. We don’t wait for alarms, we watch and identify the thief at a preliminary stage in which they plan their path of intrusion, and we immediately act to prevent the incident. Our trained camera observers use the public address system to chase away the intruders. This widely-used security method is based on one warning factor, that is, the sensor that will trigger an alarm that an event has occured. Using one security method is not reliable enough to protect a business, and in practice, in most cases, this single security method fails to prevent the break-ins. Only several security methods working together, as ILAND GUARD suggests, will prevent burglaries and let the farmer sleep well at night.

Fires, Flooding, and Damage

Our service helps prevent fires, flooding, and damage. Identifying a fire at an early stage can make the difference between a minor and a major fire. The company has saved a large number of businesses and sites from fires, thanks to the initial detection by the control room observers.

General Control for Agricultural Needs

  • Identifying the beginning of an animal’s birth, and reporting it to the owners
  • Control of fish ponds, including reporting and chasing away birds, or identifying the entry of unauthorized persons into the water
  • General field control to detect floods and damage


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