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Analytics Monitoring

Analytics center
The analytics center is a command center, built on artificial intelligence-based software, that knows how to give an automatic alert to the center about a particular event currently occurring on camera, such as: entry of a person or vehicle into the filmed area, loitering of people, attempted attack, leaving a suspicious object, and more…
These software is one of the most advanced in the world, and is built on artificial intelligence,
We know how to install required client-side hardware, or perform the cloud analytics (the company’s servers), as well as to make use of the existing cameras without any need to install additional hardware on the customer side. This depends on the type of analytics required, as well as the level of the system that is available in the field.
All analytics services are services in addition to, and complementary to, human observation. The managers of the command center know how to classify the cameras and decide which cameras will be assigned to live observation + analytics, and which cameras will be assigned to analytics alone, as well as knowing how to define the desired events for each camera.
An integral part of an analytical system is the execution of constant maintenance and control; we operate 24/7 analysts who are at the command center and know how to define the analytics, address problems, and also perform constant control over the functioning of the system.

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