Fast Response Power


Rapid reinforcements

A personal outsourced lookout and control center for organizations

Many organizations understand that keeping a person in a control room and telling them to operate systems or watch cameras is not a simple task at all, and is also a very expensive one that does not provide the necessary response for several reasons: among them, the need for training personnel for the task, managing and supervising the team around the clock, the type of personnel changes frequently and abruptly, thus requiring training anew, and, in the age of cellphones, and in the absence of close supervision, the fact that the controllers will be busy with cellphones and movies most of the time.

Expensive manpower that is not utilized properly.

ILAND GUARD  provides companies, municipalities, and international organizations with a team of supervised lookouts who learn the requirements and needs of the organization, who sit focused on the missions, who are backed up by the most advanced software in the field of artificial intelligence, and who fill out an observation log. The team raises alerts about the incident in real-time, acts immediately to thwart the attack by employing measures to chase away the thieves, or by controlling smart systems located on site, deploying the needed reconnaissance and police forces.

In addition, the command center prepares periodic reports, according to the customer’s needs, about what is happening on the site, according to a predetermined characterization

It is possible to start a pilot with the command center regarding a certain site, and from there to advance to other sites of the organization

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