Construction Sites

Construction sites

Many construction sites are secured with physical guards in the field. Often, this guard does not do their job properly as they are located in one place and are unable to see the whole site. Usually, they are busy looking at their cellphone and do not look at the cameras.
The guard can be bribed, fall asleep, and can be neutralized by the intruders.
The ILAND GUARD Monitoring Center has skilled and alert workers who observe the site from all camera directions, and do not take their eyes off the screen.
Backed up by some of the most advanced AI-based analytical software in the world that alerts ILAND GUARD to every movement in the camera’s scanning area.
The moment an anomaly is identified, we rapidly act to prevent an event before any damage is done! We call out to the intruder to leave the site and immediately alert patrol and police forces.
The cost of the ILAND GUARD service will save you between 65% – 80% of the cost of a physical onsite guard and will be much more efficient.

The Challenge on Construction Sites
Construction sites are very vulnerable sites, as they are large open areas that are difficult to protect solely with sensors.
There is very valuable equipment and tools on construction sites that attract thieves.

Preventing loss of income
According to studies, 90% of businesses suffer from internal thefts that the owner is not aware of. The business owner and site manager are not always in the field in order to track everything that happens on site. ILAND GUARD offers a service for monitoring the onsite works, and reporting all that is happening onsite, online, and in real-time.
ILAND GUARD sends images on a customer-specific WhatsApp group in real-time to report things such as every entry and exit of cars or trucks, loading or removing goods or equipment from the site, and observing truck unloading of their goods. Observation and controlling the site as it is always in operation, especially the heavy machinery vehicles, in order to prevent the loss of working hours.

Fires, flooding, and damage
ILAND GUARD helps prevent fires, flooding, and damage. Identifying a fire at an early stage can make the difference between a raging fire and a minor event. The company has saved a large number of businesses and sites from fires, thanks to the early-stage detection by the control room observers.