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Design and Construction systems

System planning and set-up

The company is dedicated to working faithfully, honestly, and with respect for the livelihood of others, so on a site where there is an installer who cooperates with the company, the company does not compete with them, but works collaboratively regarding what is needed to serve the mutual customer.

Designing a security system correctly is the secrect of success of a security and control system on the site.

Many installers who do not perform the observation service are not really aware, and do not know how to correctly install the system according to the ranges intended for observation, according to the correct types of lenses of each camera, and according to the choice of the correct device for each location

In addition, for the most part, installers prefer to place the cameras and systems in places that are most convenient and easy for them in terms of deploying the infrastructure, so that they can finish the project quickly with minimal costs, and do not relate to the accuracy required in terms of the observation and the security service

We at the company know how to carry out the exact planning needed for the appropriate security system for each site, from choosing the locations to choosing the device type, lens, etc. Carefully planning the system that will be suitable for the observation and control service that we will have to provide over the years

We install the highest quality observation and communication equipment available on the market, as well as using remotely-managed industrial communication equipment, so that we can address problems quickly.

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