Loss Control


Loss control

According to studies, 90% of businesses suffer from internal thefts that the owner is not aware of;

the business owner and site manager aren’t always in the field in order to track everything that happens on-site.

ILAND GUARD  offers a service for monitoring the on-site conduct, and reporting of all that is happening, online,

by sending an image on whatsapp in real time, such as: reporting on every entry and exit of cars or trucks,

loading or removing goods or equipment from the site, control throughout the time the truck unloads the goods,

observation and control that the site is always in operation, especially the heavy machinery vehicles, in order to prevent the loss of working hours.

With the ILAND GUARD  Control Service, there will not be an event that you, as the company owners, will not be informed of, thus preventing loss of income for your business.

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